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Web Design & Creation

The starting point of any social media platform should be a well-planned and designed website.

Many people do not understand the true function of a website, and how it is the central pillar of any successful social media strategy.

Your website is a huge asset if used correctly, and with our skill and experience our design team can personalize and create the prefect website for your goals and needs.

We will show you how to get the maximum results from your website, turning it into a lead magnet and sales converting tool.

We also help set up your website to minimize the amount of time you need to spend on it, but while creating the furthest reach and best search engine optimized results.

We also set up everything you need to get started on your platform, including:

  •  Security plug ins
  •  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools
  •  Google Analytics
  •  Automation tools
  •  Practical and User Friendly Themes
  •  Speed Optimization
  •  Image customization
  •  Hosting (optional)
  •  Plus many more…

Our prices start from 25,000 baht depending on what service is required.

Social Media Setup, Implementation and Training

Once you have a functional website, the next priority is creating a web of social media accounts with a well mapped out and planned strategy.

Social media if used effectively is incredibly powerful, if not used well it is just an expensive branding and ego trip.

We not only set up your accounts, we optimize them for the agreed goals you have, as part of the overall strategy. We also connect them to give you maximum efficiency and results with as little effort as possible.

We stay up to date with the latest technologies and strategies, and this helps you save a large amount of time, effort and money.

We also show you what we are doing, and train you so that you are aware of how to maintain it yourself, saving you a fortune in the long run and allowing you to maximize your success.

You also then have more control over your own destiny.

Our training modules include:

  •  Social Media Marketing Overview
  •  Facebook 101
  •  Facebook Advanced (Including PPC)
  •  Blogging
  •  Website 101
  •  Content Marketing & Copywriting
  •  Twitter
  •  Pinterest
  •  Instagram
  •  LinkedIn
  •  YouTube
  •  Snap Chat
  •  Periscope
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Sales Funnels 101
  •  Sales Funnels Advanced
  •  Tracking & Split Testing
  •  Planning & Strategy For Immediate Success
  •  Pay Per Click Strategies
  •  Trends & What’s Working Now
  •  Outsourcing
  •  Analytics 101
  •  Analytics – Advanced Marketers
  •  Automation To Success
  •  Database Growth & Management
  •  Plus a lot more…

As each business is different we work with you to provide the information and solutions that are most relevant to your business, and not waste your time with what you do not need.

All of this at an affordable monthly price that fits your budget.

Done For You Social Media Campaign

For our clients that prefer the done for you solution, we can also set up and maintain your Social Media pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

With our vast experience and large budgets we know how to get the results you are looking for quicker and cheaper than you would be able to achieve yourself.

We can also create bespoke campaigns and do the daily grind for you, freeing you up to deal with the extra customers that you now have and the important parts of your day to day business.

We still keep you in the loop, have regular review sessions and update what we are doing to get the best result for you that we can, also allowing for changes in the business and economic environment.

Digital Marketing Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Agency Digital Marketing Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Agency Digital Marketing Internet Marketing Digital Marketing Agency