SEO for Business is not an Option – It’s a Must

Do you do SEO for your business’ website?

Every business has a competitor. Nowadays, almost all businesses have websites. So, does your business have website? Well, it should have for it not to be left out by its competitors.

Since every business has a competitor, what type of marketing do you do? Is it traditional or digital marketing? With the modern world we have, you should be doing Digital marketing and that includes SEO.

It is not enough that your business has a website. Your website will be useless if it’s not properly set up and promoted. It should be ranked higher in search engines like Google and Bing. SEO should be done on it. And to add up, SEO should not just be once, it should be continuous. Why? It is because your competitors are doing it too. Everyone wants to be on the 1st page and top spot of search engines. It is not enough that you just rank your business name because most likely, people will not search for it. Instead, people will search for keywords that corresponds to their needs and wants.

Yes, SEO is not just an option. It is a must do for every business that has a website and wants to make sales or profits.

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Social Media Marketing – Grow Your Business Now

Do you use social media marketing for your business?

Social Media has been a big influence not just to the generations today but also to businesses. Everyone seems to have Facebook account, from ordinary people to the Presidents. It has become a daily part of one’s life.

But, what does “social media marketing” really mean and how can it affect the growth of a business?

Social media marketing for businesses takes dedication.

If you have a business and social media marketing seems new for you, you might think that a simple fan page, few postings, a number of followers and likes will make your business grow, then think again. Those simple tasks won’t dramatically change your sales over a couple of nights.

The fact is, social media marketing takes serious planning and implementation and continuous work.

Online marketing specialists know that in order to get results of social media marketing for your business, it will take a mixture of the following:

– listening to your audience
– sharing things which are relevant to your audience’ concern
– allow your audience to share what you have shared
– continuously feed your audience with valuable content ( who doesn’t want knowledge, huh?)

There’s no effective social media marketing without content. They go both hand in hand to get results. A solid foundation of social media strategy starts from great content which people can learn from and be able to share to their circle of connections.

Social media marketing, nowadays, is considered as one and most profitable tool to use to give your business a boost. Everyone is in social network – your customers and even potential customers. So, don’t be left out by your competitor. Build our social media presence now.

If you are worried that you don’t have the skills and knowledge to start your social media marketing, Phuket Online Marketing can help you.

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Why Do You Need a Website

Having a website is like having an open door that invites potential customers to visit or check on your products or services you offer. It is a great investment for a business because it creates more opportunity to grow your sales.

A website communicates with your target and potential market 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Even if you are not working, your website is still continuing your business and doing transaction even if you are away. It is better than handling out your business cards which are often ignored by many. A website will surely present your business to your customers in a more detailed and professional way.

We are living in a modern world today where most people spend most of their time in front of their computers, laptops or mobile phones. It is for sure that you don’t want to miss the chance of promoting your business online. A website will add more credibility to your business. You can reach more people. Print advertising is static while web is dynamic. Once you have a website up and running, it is recommended that you include your web address to help your message get across.

You can easily communicate with your customers because a website lets you built forms, connect through email and social media. And in return, your customers can easily send you a feedback regarding your products and services which gives your business a room for improvement or complement.

A website gets your business found. Website helps level the playing field between small and large companies. As long as your website is fully and professionally designed, you will have the edge to the customers. And the sooner you gain a presence in the web, the better over your competitor. But, your competitor knows it too. So, it would be better if you build a usable and engaging website that will catch your customers attention.

Want to grow your business online? Contact us today. We can help you established your presence and have the edge over your competitor by building you a great looking website.

Mashable #BizChats Questions and Answers

#BizChats Questions:


Q1. What factors need to be examined to determine if your business had a healthyyear? #BizChats

A1.You should know your numbers – clients, analytics, cashflow, profit/loss, info is key & compare to previous year/competitors #BizChats

A1. Also always important to compare generally to the economy, but also your industry niche against norms, trends & competitors #BizChats


Q2. What standard goals should entrepreneurs create for year two? #BizChats 

A2 Improve on year 1! More clients, better service, more efficiency, learn from your mistakes & be more focused #BizChats


Q3. When refreshing your website, key components of a consumer-friendly site should be included? #BizChats

A3 Be mobile friendly, social media enabled & linked, simple to navigate and absorb information, use videos and be succinct #BizChats


Q4. What should entrepreneurs know when it comes to the basics of funding and valuations? #BizChats 

A4. Cashflow is key, so make sure have liquidity. That kills more businesses than anything. Get funding at the right price, whether equity or loans. #BizChats

A4 Valuations depend on the goal. Unless planning to flip or get investors nice to know but much more relevant issues to focus on. #BizChats


Q5. What expectations should entrepreneurs place for their business moving into year two? #BizChats 

A5 Must aim for consolidation, growth & positive cashflow. Keep existing clients happy before all out focus on new ones. #BizChats

A5 Also be prepared to be surprised by tax obligations and plan that into your budgets #BizChats


Q6. What are key accomplishments entrepreneurs should achieve at networking events? #BizChats 

A6 Make contacts! Too many people focus on client acquisition rather than actually networking & listening. Mingle & meet everyone #BizChats


Q7. What mistakes should entrepreneurs avoid when looking to grow their business? #BizChats

A7. Trying to grow too fast. Avoid mistakes that competitors have made. Dont neglect your clients to get new ones & expand smoothly #BizChats


Q8. What final tips can you share that you wished you knew before starting your business? #BizChats 

A8. Be realistic & disciplined. Fix what’s in your control, let the rest go. Always do your best, move on and forgive your mistakes #BizChats



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