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Phuket Online Marketing

Whether you are a new or well established business, social media is the proven way to create brand awareness, attract potential customers and convert sales.

The question is not if you should use Social Media, but how effectively to use it to get the best results for your business.

At Phuket Online Marketing we pride ourselves on creating specific solutions based on your business, your industry, your goals and your strengths & weaknesses.

We pride ourselves on getting to know you and your business, and then creating the perfect bespoke solution to achieve your needs. It is only once we truly understand your business and focus that we can commit to providing a solution for your business.

Our specific focus is aimed at achieving the following:

  •  Creating Brand Awareness
  •  Creating trust and rapport with potential customers
  •  Creating the sales and marketing platform to generate more leads and therefore more customers
  •  To maximize your efficiency and increase profitability

Your Team

Simon Wetherell - picSimon Wetherell has been a part of the internet marketing industry for almost 5 years now on a full time basis. His journey has been short and sweet, and his background has made the journey fun and  successful.

His past experience has included being Director of over 350 companies (including CDO’s, MBS, ABS), with assets worth over $35 billion dollars – and a first hand insight into what our big banks our  doing today and the true state of the economy. Simon was also a very successful International Finance Lawyer (having worked in the world’s #1 law firm) until 2008 when he fell victim to the Global Financial Crisis.

Sick of the corporate world and wanting to get back to his entrepreneurial roots Simon came across Internet Marketing – and fell in love with the concept of leverage that it offers. Having an MBA with a New Venture Finance Major he thought the transition would be a piece of cake – but it turned out to be much harder than he thought.

So after spending over $150,000 (and learning from industry greats like OMahony, Erway, Cass, Angelo, Parkinson, Rashkin, Ceballos and Fong combined with 2 years of making mistakes Simon was able to get a better understanding of the industry and now specializes in affiliate and network marketing and is an acceleration strategy specialist. Having created a downline of over 2,000 people in an online travel business Simon now coaches people on how to be successful. He is a big believer in work smart not hard, but knows that integrity, passion and honesty are key factors to being successful.

Simon says, “Given my background and experience I have a very good idea of where the economy is headed, and I believe this knowledge combined with my new found skills puts me in a unique position to help anyone be successful in this economy and industry. It has nothing to do with education, qualifications or location – any one of us is capable of a multiple 6 figure annual income and I want to unlock those secrets that are already within you and show you how you can do it too”.

Simon now resides on the beautiful island of Phuket in Thailand (after 7 years in the Cayman Islands) living the lifestyle most people can only dream off – and the great news is he wants to share with all of you how you too can have the life of your dreams!